IG Metall: a strong community

We welcome you and wish you good luck with your studies. Over 2.2 million employees have joined forces in IG Metall. Together with them we campaign for goodworking conditions, fair remuneration, job prospects, secure jobs, employee participation and democracy in the workplace.

That's because work is a key element of our lives. When defining good work we rely on competence and experience, we get involved and we bring about changes in the workplace and in society. With its works council members, shop stewards and active members, IG Metall has won continuously higher incomes, shorter working hours and longer holidays.

We also set standards in cross-industry developments. Whether against the misuse of temporary employment and service contracts or for the right tobe taken on after completing an apprenticeship and the opportunity to retire gradually and flexibly: We provide answers, we hold employers and politicians to their promises and campaign consistently for ourdemands.

Our values are justice, dignity and respect; we are guided by the principles of employee participation and solidarity.